Do you like stories?

Erie Cemetery in North Dakota

I love to tell stories. Always have. I’ve been a news reporter for a few decades, but I’m thrilled to now get to share my creative side. My dark side. Thank you to those who are coming along with me.

If you like stories, I invite you to subscribe to my monthly author newsletter. I’ll send you one short story a month, and each comes with the chance to win some swag. Just type your email into the spot on the homepage and hit subscribe.

With the upcoming launch of my first book, Sins of the Father, I’m learning a lot about the book biz. Pre-sale is going on now on Amazon. Watch for the paperback release on October 1.

I’m excited to start research on my next book with a day trip in the next few days. Be watching my social media for pictures and see if you can figure out the subject of my next novel. It’s going to be a dark one. Fans of true crime and serial killers will really enjoy this.

I love correspondence and encourage you to contact me through my social media or send me an email to Sabrina (at) SabrinaHalvorson (dot) com.

Thanks for reading!

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